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    Zuma loyalists vow to make South Africa 'ungovernable' - Times of India
    NKANDLA, SOUTH AFRICA: Hundreds of supporters of former South African President Jacob Zuma remained camped outside his home on Sunday, vowing to make the country unfounded if he were jailed.
    After sentencing him historically to 15 months for contempt of court, South Africa’s constitutional court agreed to hear Zuma’s challenge to overturn the ruling.
    The surrender deadline was set to expire on Sunday, but after refusing to testify in a corruption case, Zuma showed no sign of surrendering to authorities.
    In a show of strength, Zuma worshipers wearing ANC troops have been camping outside the home of their Nkandla leader in Kwa-Zulu Natal for weeks.
    Some on Sunday sang, “Do not rush the war, you are killing the war!”
    “If (police minister) Bucky Celle comes here to arrest Ubeba (Zuma), he has to start with us,” Lindwell Mafalala told AFP.
    Vowing to protect Zuma from prison, protesters called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to resign.
    “We are here to say that Ramafasa must resign. “He must resign,” said a seemingly angry believer. “From Monday we will make the country unfounded.”
    The police, with Zuma capture order, if necessary, was placed throughout the province on Sunday in an attempt to control the crowds who descended to Nkandla.
    The Jacob Zuma Foundation said it would address the media on Sunday.
    If the 79-year-old fails to surrender by Sunday, he will be given another three days by police to arrest him.


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