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    Xi Jinping: Communist Party needs new ‘heroes’ to meet future goals - Times of India
    BEIJING: Chinese President Xi Jinping said the Communist Party needed new heroes to carry it into its second century, as it celebrated more than two dozen officials who contributed to its longevity.
    “We have to fight non-stop and keep fighting,” Xi said. “During the building of a modern socialist society, in a comprehensive way, we must move forward towards the second centennial goal and the Chinese dream of the great revitalization of the Chinese nation.”
    The president, who has stressed the elimination of corruption for almost a decade in power, said officials “should aim to be clean people and do clean deeds”. “We must devote ourselves wholeheartedly to public office and keep the political character of the party clean,” Xi said.
    The leadership is one of the many events this week that is planned to mark the founding of the party in 1921 in Shanghai by a series of revolutionaries. Xi, Premier Li Keqiang and other dignitaries attended a show titled “The Great Journey” on Monday night at the National Stadium with about 20,000 people in attendance, Xinhua said. The audience sang “Without the Communist Party, there would be no new China” after the show.
    The anniversary will not only show the confidence of the Communist Party after 100 years, but also the reign of Xi, who led it for almost a decade. While China’s rise is facing growing resistance from the United States and its allies, Xi remains firmly in control of domestic politics ahead of a party congress next year that is expected to give him a third term.
    The 29 award recipients covered a variety of backgrounds, including teachers, welders, composers and actors. Several people from China’s disputed borders were also honored, from Tibet to the South China Sea to a village official from the Uyghur ethnic minority group believed to have taken a “clear stand against ethnic segregation”.
    Xi will deliver a keynote address at an event on Thursday, the Department of Defense said last week. Fighter planes and helicopters have been seen flying over formations above Beijing that say “100” and “71” for July 1, the state-run Global Times reported, citing an aerospace publication.


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