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    Virus-wracked Indonesia hits 100,000 deaths - Times of India
    JAKARTA: The death toll from the coronavirus in Indonesia exceeded 100,000 on Wednesday as the country struggles to control the spread of the Delta variant.
    Southeast Asia’s largest economy has now located the Delta in dozens of areas since it was first found in the archipelago in June.
    Many Indonesians are dying at home, unable to access hospital care or oxygen medical supplies as healthcare facilities have reached the limit.
    More than 3.5 million infections have been reported to date, although official figures are believed to be underestimated.
    “The deaths occurred … mainly due to delays in recognizing the severity of symptoms and referring patients,” said Covid-19 Siti working group spokeswoman Nadia Tarmizi.
    Indonesia reported 1,747 new deaths on Wednesday, bringing the total to 100,636.
    LaporCovid, an NGO that has developed a citizen reporting platform for Covid-19 data, said more than 2,600 patients died at home between early June and July 24th.
    Indonesia announced tougher restrictions on July 3 and extended the policy twice to areas where the number of infections and hospital bed occupancy rates are high.
    Offices, malls and schools are closed, and dinner in restaurants is limited to 20 minutes.
    Restrictions have begun to weigh on the country’s economy, which went into recession late last year for the first time since the 1997 Asian financial crisis.
    “Financially, it really affects me. I have very few clients because people do not go to the office,” Dickey, a driver who looks like many Indonesians, told AFP.
    The country aims to vaccinate 208 million of its 270 million citizens, but the vaccination rate remains well below the government’s target of one million a day.
    Only about eight percent of the population has been fully vaccinated.


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