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    US says Afghanistan civil war one of many concerns - Times of India
    Washington: The United States said Tuesday that one of the many concerns about Afghanistan is that it could turn into a civil war.
    Ever since the United States announced plans to withdraw its troops unconditionally by 9/11 after nearly 20 years of conflict, violence has escalated across the country as the Taliban seek more territory.
    Peace talks between the Afghan government and Taliban negotiators began last year in the Qatari capital, Doha, but no substantial progress has been made. State Department spokesman Ned Price said the Taliban saw “the usefulness of a negotiated solution, they are committed to Doha.”
    “If they seek to confront what they have said, then it will be an international outcast … and the concern of all of us, one of the many concerns, is that the result will be a civil war,” Price told reporters. .
    The Taliban and the Afghan government are far behind in the Doha talks, with insurgents demanding “the lion’s share of power” in any new government, US special envoy Zalmai Khalilzad said earlier on Tuesday.
    A car bomb had exploded at an Iraqi police recruiting center at Kisak, west of Kabul, killing at least three people and wounding three others, security officials said.
    “It really bears all the hallmarks of the multitude of Taliban attacks we’ve seen in recent weeks,” Price said. “We strongly condemn the bombing.”
    In a statement issued Tuesday condemning the United Nations attack in Afghanistan last week, the UN Security Council “also expressed its deep concern at the high level of violence in Afghanistan following the Taliban military offensive and called for an immediate end to the violence.” ”
    The council called on the Taliban and the Afghan government to “engage effectively in an inclusive peace process led by Afghanistan and Afghanistan.”


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