US garment buyers to get special attention

    US garment buyers to get special attention


    Minister of Commerce Tipu Munshi



    Minister of Commerce Tipu Munshi

    The government has taken a special initiative to increase the volume of garment exports to US markets, as the shipment of garments to the country’s single largest export destination is growing due to high demand.

    Commerce Secretary Tipu Munshi said this yesterday at the final meeting of the Guild Guide of Men in California in Las Vegas.

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    Munshi said that in order to gain more market share in the US, where Bangladesh ships nearly $ 7 billion worth of clothing a year, his government has begun evaluating improved clothing standards, innovative designs and customer choices for American consumers.

    He said the data will be kept separate for US customers for the supply of special clothing to them.

    Munshi said that after the unexpected collapse of the Rana Plaza building in April 2013, Bangladesh improved significantly according to the rules and enhanced workplace safety for safety in garment factories.

    Bangladesh is currently the world leader in green garment factories as local suppliers have invested money to improve compliance, save energy and the environment and brighten the image of the country’s clothing sector, Munshi also said.

    The minister called on American retailers, brands and businesses to visit the factories and observe safety and compliance at the factories, according to a Commerce Department statement yesterday.

    U.S. businessmen have shown great interest in visiting clothing factories in Bangladesh and sourcing more from Bangladesh, the statement said.

    They have expressed a desire to visit factories and observe compliance, health services, the working environment and sustainable development that the country has achieved over the years, the Commerce Ministry said in a statement. Munshi said that during the pandemic, the government gave stimulus packages to clothing retailers in Bangladesh so that they could run their business smoothly in times of crisis.

    The clothing sector alone accounts for about 83.5 percent of the country’s total exports in a year and employs 45 million workers, the majority of whom are women, especially those who have migrated from rural areas.

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