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    'US Embassy in Kabul is open, will remain open' - Times of India
    KABUL: The US embassy in Kabul has said it will continue to operate in the country amid growing uncertainty as the US continues to work on its military withdrawal until the end of August.
    “The US Embassy in Kabul is open and will remain open. Under President Biden’s instructions, we will continue to have a strong diplomatic presence in Kabul to carry out the range of work we are doing with the government and people of Afghanistan. “We do not intend to close the embassy,” the embassy wrote on Twitter on Monday.
    This comes after The Wall Street Journal reported that US officials have intensified plans to evacuate the embassy in Kabul due to the deteriorating security situation in the country. These preparations are part of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.
    Violence has escalated in Afghanistan since the Biden government announced its decision to withdraw troops from the war-torn country. Experts believe that growing clashes between the Taliban and Afghan forces are fueling fears that the country is at war.
    “The US Embassy is constantly planning for the unforeseen and how to mitigate the risks to our people and our programs. We are aware of the security challenges for operating in Afghanistan and will adjust our presence as necessary to address these challenges.” , the embassy added.
    Reiterating the stance of Biden and Secretary Blinken, the embassy added that “the US military presence in Afghanistan is coming to an end, the US embassy will continue its diplomatic, humanitarian and security programs in Afghanistan.”
    Amid rising Taliban attacks and attacks on civilians and infrastructure in Afghanistan, the US embassy on Friday called for an end to the ongoing violence, which is largely led by the Taliban.
    Earlier this week, the Taliban said in a statement that civilians and foreign nationals, diplomats, embassies and humanitarian workers would not face any security problems or risks from them.
    However, CNN reported that there were reasons to question this statement, especially given the broken nature of the Taliban.


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