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    Texas senator ends 15-hour filibuster over GOP voting bill - Times of India
    USTINI: A Texas senator ended Thursday for 15 hours in violation, with the Democrats’ latest challenge for new voting restrictions, but only delayed Republicans approving the sweeping election bill just minutes after he walked out tired.
    The GOP’s ongoing efforts to tighten Texas’ election laws, however, have not come closer to the office of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott than a month ago. Democrats continue to refuse to appear in the state House of Representatives in a debate that has now lasted for 32 days, preventing the Senate bill from moving forward.
    Democrat Carol Alvarado began speaking shortly before 6 a.m. Wednesday, though she acknowledged that philotimos would not block legislation in the Senate. He was required to stand and speak, and was barred from taking bath breaks and running shoes at the Senate, as former Texas lawmaker Wendy Davis did in 2013 when she tabled a sweeping anti-abortion bill.
    “What’s wrong with voting during a pandemic? What’s wrong with 24-hour voting? Why can’t we have extended voting hours for people who have to work late? Where is all the so-called fraud?” Alvarado said in the last moments of her filibuster. “Where does it end?
    She hugged her Democratic colleagues after she finally left the microphone. Minutes later, the bill passed 18-11 in the Senate, but once again is at an impasse, as Democrats continue to remain on the other side of the Texas Capitol.
    The Alvarado filmmaker began hours after Texas House of Representatives officers issued arrest warrants for more than 50 absent Democrats Wednesday. Disappointed Republicans stepped up efforts to end the controversy over the election bill.
    But after the sergeants completed the Texas Capitol tour – dropped copies of Democrats’ warrants and politely asked staff to tell their bosses to return – there were few signs of the stalemate that began when Democrats left for Washington, DC. , in July, in order to stop state housing, was closer to a resolution.
    The latest escalation has thrown the Texas legislature into unusual territory, with neither side showing any certainty about what will follow or how far Republicans could take their resolve to secure a quorum of 100 lawmakers in attendance – one a limit that only four members could not reach.
    “I’m not worried about things I can not control,” said state spokeswoman Erin Zwiener, one of the Democrats who served with a warrant and refused to return to the Capitol. “None of these warrants are surprising and do not necessarily affect my plans.”
    Democrats, who acknowledge they can not stop the Democratic vote on the bill because of Republican dominance in both parts of the Texas legislature, responded to the mandates with new expressions of dissent. One appeared in a Houston courtroom and secured a court order in order to prevent him from being forced to return to the Capitol.
    The NAACP also intervened on behalf of the Texas Democrats, calling on the Department of Justice to investigate whether a federal crime was committed when Republicans threatened to arrest them.
    Refusing to participate in legislative sessions is a violation of House rules – a civil offense, not a criminal one, leaving unclear the power of the warrants for the Democrats to return to the party, even for the Republicans who invoked it. Democrats will not be imprisoned. Republican Travis Clardy, who helped negotiate an early passage of the Democratic bill that was halted for the first time in May, said he believes Democrats can return physically to the Capitol.
    State Representative Jim Murphy, who leads the Texas Republican caucus, said that while he has not seen a situation like this during his tenure, he understands that officers could go to missing lawmakers and ask them to return.
    “I hope they come because the warrants have been issued and they do not want to be arrested,” Murphy said. “It’s unbelievable to me that you have to arrest people to do the job they campaigned for, they swore to abide by the Texas Constitution.”
    The Texas Department of Public Safety, the state law enforcement agency, referred questions about the warrants to the House speaker.
    The move marks a new attempt by the GOP to end the electoral protest that began a month ago with 50 Democrats flying private jets to Washington in a dramatic show of determination to make Texas the front line of a new national rights battle. vote.
    Republicans are now in the middle of their third attempt since May to pass a series of amendments to the state electoral code that would make it more difficult – and sometimes even more legally dangerous – to vote in Texas, which has already some of the most restrictive electoral laws in the nation.
    Texas is among many states where Republicans have rushed to introduce new voting restrictions in response to former President Donald Trump’s false allegations that the 2020 election was stolen. capital of the nation. It will ban 24-hour polling stations, conduct voting and give party poll observers greater access, among other things.
    It was unclear on Wednesday how many Democrats remained in Washington, D.C., where they hoped to push President Joe Biden and other Democrats there to pass federal legislation that would protect voting rights in Texas and beyond. The Senate Democrats have pledged to do the first round when they return in the fall, although they do not have a clear strategy for overcoming the steady Republican opposition.


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