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    Taliban won't talk peace unless Ghani goes, says Pakistani PM - Times of India
    Islamabad: Taliban leaders have said they will not negotiate with the Afghan government as long as Ashraf Ghani remains president, Pakistani Prime Minister Ranmran Khan said on Wednesday.
    With the cessation of peace talks, violence in Afghanistan has escalated sharply as the insurgent group quickly makes territorial gains. A U.S. defense official said Wednesday that Taliban fighters could capture Kabul in 90 days.
    Khan said a political settlement seems difficult in the current circumstances.
    “I tried to persuade the Taliban three to four months ago when the senior Taliban leadership came here,” Khan told foreign reporters at his home in Islamabad.
    “The condition is that as long as Ashraf Ghani is there, we (the Taliban) are not going to talk to the Afghan government,” Khan said, referring to Taliban leaders.
    Peace talks between the Taliban, which sees Ghani and his government as puppets of the United States, and a group of Afghan negotiators proposed by Kabul began last September but have not made much progress.
    Representatives of a number of countries, including the Countries, are currently in the Qatari capital, Doha, discussing with both sides a last-ditch ceasefire before 31 August – the day all foreign powers formally withdraw. from Afghanistan.
    The Pakistani prime minister said he felt the Afghan government was now trying to persuade the United States to return and intervene again.
    “He’s been here for 20 years. What will they do now that they haven’t done in 20 years?” he said.
    U.S. forces have continued to use airstrikes to support Afghan forces against Taliban advance, but it remains unclear whether that support will continue after August 31.
    Khan said Pakistan “made it very clear” that it did not want US military bases in Pakistan after the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.


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