SHOUT Quiz: Find Your Inner Olympian

    The 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo are almost over. But wait, out of the 339 events, do you know which one you are calling for?

    Find out based on your answers to this short quiz! Ready, ready, go!

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    1. It is a weekend and you have managed some free hours for yourself. How do you plan to spend it?

    one. Going to the gym. Gymnastics is my passion!

    si. Sleep does not hurt anyone.

    do. Learning new life skills is my involvement.

    Hey. It’s a party all day!

    2. It has been a busy day and you are happy to return home from hunger. In a normal world, what would you do?

    one. Visit my favorite restaurant and grab this pasta dish.

    si. Just order something online and you’re done.

    do. Go to the kitchen and cook a meal.

    Hey. Invite friends, order a pizza and tell them I’m ready to party!

    3. Which sports from your school days do you remember the most?

    one. Run for miles!

    si. No one could beat me at the board games.

    do. Water is life. I was involved in swimming.

    Hey. Nothing particular. Any games I played with my friends.

    4. It’s a movie night on Netflix. Which of the following will you choose?

    one. An action movie that beats from the heart.

    si. Only a good rom-com can lift my spirits.

    do. Something suspicious because I can keep my nerves.

    Hey. The story of three college mates began for an epic adventure.

    5. Which of the following pets do you like the most?

    one. Dogs. They are so active and alive all the time.

    si. Cats. I like how comfortable they feel around me.

    do. Parrots. They talk. Can pets get cooler?

    Hey. Fish. An aquarium can hold so many of them.

    6. You have an unexpected weekly leave. Where are you going?

    one. The mountains, because I want to reach newer heights.

    si. The beach, because the sunsets are amazing.

    do. Places with history, and therefore insignificant.

    Hey. Reach out to colleagues and head to the nearest resort.

    Congratulations, you’re done! Time to match your answers with the end result.

    If you chose mainly a, you are ready for challenges all day, every day! You never give up no matter how difficult life is. For courageous souls like you, obstacles, climbing and weightlifting are some attractive Olympic events.

    If you chose mainly b, you are less likely to get into anything physically challenging. You have found a comfort zone to work smart without sweating. You, the smart ones, would excel in archery, shooting, golf, skateboarding and fencing – events that require tremendous focus and mental stamina.

    If you chose mainly c, Thedevil is in the details for you. You thrive on working with specifications and excelling in them. You are technically able to surpass most of your opponents. Figure skating, diving and rhythmic gymnastics can be your hunting ground at the Olympics.

    If you mainly chose d’s, you are the life of the party. And teamwork is your way of working. You can shoot group events such as art swimming, basketball, rugby, volleyball, rowing and water polo. You can definitely go for double events.

    Go for gold!

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