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    Sheriff: 'Hoax' call about gun vacated Tennessee high school - Times of India
    CHURCH HILL: Tennessee high school students were evacuated Tuesday the second day of school for the year and taken to the local arsenal after a 911 caller claimed to be armed in the building, which authorities later said was a “farce”.
    Hawkins County Sheriff Ronnie Lawson said the call came around 8 a.m., prompting a large response at Volunteer High School in Church Hill from area law enforcement that found no suspects or gunshot wounds.
    Deputies responded immediately and began investigations, with at least five organizations involved, authorities said. The school evacuated all students, leading them in queues with their hands over their heads on school buses and being taken to an arsenal to reunite with their parents, said Matt Hickson, the county’s principal. Other schools were temporarily closed as a precaution.
    Local authorities, along with the Tennessee Research Bureau, are now investigating who made the call. Church Hill Police Chief Chad Mosley said the caller did not give his name and it was not determined whether the call was made inside or outside the school.
    “Here, we tell you directly, this was a hoax,” Lawson told a news conference with the police chief. “There were no shootings. No one was injured. Thank God everyone is safe.”
    Lawson said the 911 caller claimed he was in a school bathroom with a gun, saying he had been bullied by popular students and was going to the gym to shoot the gun. Lawson said a police officer was in high school while the man was still on the phone with the 911 sender.
    Hixon said he expects classes to resume Wednesday morning.
    “We went through Covid and a lot of closure and our intention is to keep the students in school and keep them learning,” he said.
    Chris Vaughan of Church Hill Rescue Team said two people were evacuated from the scene for non-gunshot wounds.
    According to the sheriff, in a “completely irrelevant” incident a student was ill and had a seizure during the 911 call.
    A video broadcast by the media showed a large police presence at the school, about 129 miles east of Knoxville in Hawkins County.
    Hawkins County Schools initially considered the incident a “state of emergency,” saying “our main concern right now is the safety of our students and staff; please stay away from the area to allow it to be enforced.” law enforcement and emergency personnel in the area. ”
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