Ramos offers Messi to stay at his ‘house’ again

    Paris Saint-Germain defender Sergio Ramos has reportedly offered Lionel Messi his latest arrival at the French club, a place to stay until he finds his feet in the French capital following his shock move from Barcelona’s youth team.

    According to El País journalist Juan Irigoyen, Ramos has already contacted Messi, who just arrived in Paris this week after signing with PSG, to offer his home to the former Barca player and his family. , while looking for a new home in the French capital. Ε

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    “If you and your family prefer to be in a house rather than a hotel, you can stay in mine,” the 35-year-old defender said, according to his new teammate, with Irigoyen citing sources close to Ramos.

    Ramos, the former captain of Real Madrid, had many hot moments with Messi’s former rival, the former captain of Barcelona.

    However, now that PSG have acquired Messi, the Spanish defender, who also moved to Paris earlier this season after failing to extend his contract with Real Madrid, is now set to share the same dressing room with the Argentine despite It may seem unthinkable to many Real and Barça fans.

    According to Irigoyen’s sources, Ramos will “now defend Messi as his own”.

    “Sergio admires and respects Leo a lot. Before, the situation was what it was, now he will defend him as one of his own,” the source added.

    Messi is reportedly staying at a hotel in Paris with his family as PSG tries to find a permanent home for Messi and his family, while also looking for schools for Messi’s three children.

    However, this is not the first time Ramos has offered accommodation to Messi. In March of this year, when both Ramos and Messi were still in their old clubs in Spain, Ramos delivered an amazing share offer at home to Messi.

    The former Real defender had said that if the Argentine decides to leave the Camp Nou for the Bernabeu when his contract expires this year, he could stay with the Ramos family while he went hunting.

    “Of course, 100%!”, Ramos had said on the Twitch show “Charlando Tranquilamente” when asked if he would welcome Messi to Real.

    “He could stay on mine for about the first week or so. He can find his feet and feel comfortable. I would be more than happy to do that,” Ramos added.

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