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    Pakistan seizes, blacklists textbook for Malala Yousufzai picture besides war hero - Times of India
    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Punjab province curriculum has seized the entire unsold stock of a Grade 7 social studies textbook published by Oxford University Press (OUP) to present a picture of Nobel laureate Irene Malaz Youssef Malaz Malaz Aziz Bati, considered a 1965 War Hero.
    Page 33 of the book contains pictures of many celebrities, such as Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the national poet Yulmad Ibaid, Sir Sindh Ahmad Khan, the first Prime Minister of Pakistan Liakat Ali Khan, the philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi, Begum Ali Raana L (wife of the first prime minister) and Bahi, the recipient of Pakistan’s highest military award, Nisan-i-Hinder. Malala’s face, except for the last one, raised the foundations of the foundation, because, unlike the West, it is not absolutely everyone’s favorite in her homeland.
    While copies of the book are already in circulation, sources in the handbook said police and other services were searching bookstores across Lahore to ensure copies were no longer sold.
    On Monday, a group of officials reportedly raided the OUP office in the Gulberg area of ​​Lahore and confiscated all stockpiles there for distribution. They also gave a letter to the press, stating that the book had not yet been published NOC.
    Citing an anonymous publisher, Karachi’s Dawn newspaper reported that the book had been submitted to the 2019 textbook for review as part of the NOC search process. “Meanwhile, Oxford University Press published the book despite the fact that the NOC has not been published,” the publisher said.
    He said board officials, police and other officials visited his shop, asked for information about the book and read the confiscation order.
    Last year, the Punjab curriculum banned 100 books deemed “against” the two nations’ theory or found “immoral and illegal.”


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