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    Pakistan SC: Temple attack has tarnished country’s image - Times of India
    Islamabad: Pakistan’s Supreme Court has overturned authorities for failing to stop a Hindu temple attack in a remote city in Punjab province and ordered the arrest of the culprits, noting that the incident has tarnished the country’s image abroad.
    Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed, who noted the attack on Thursday, presided over the hearing in Islamabad. The CoE became aware of the case after the Pakistani Hindu Council’s chief protector, Dr. Rames Kumar, met with the Attorney General on Thursday. Hundreds of people carrying sticks and bricks attacked the temple, burned parts of it and damaged idols in Bhong district of Rahimyar Khan district of the province in protest of the release from court of a Hindu boy who was detained for allegedly urinating. a seminar.
    A police officer said the boy was arrested last week and held under blasphemy laws, but was later released on bail because he was a minor. “The situation went out of control after the court gave bail to the boy,” he said.
    “What did the administration and the police do when they attacked the temple?” Chief Justice Ahmet asked IGP Inam Ghani, who was specifically called to appear in court. The court said the attack had seriously damaged Pakistan’s worldwide reputation, Geo News reported.
    Ghani said that “the priority of the administration was to protect 70 Hindu houses around the temple”. The Assistant Commissioner and the SP Assistant were present at the scene, Ghani added. CJ was not satisfied and noted: “If the commissioner, the DCP and the district police officer can not perform, then they should be removed.”
    He noted that it showed that the police did nothing but monitor the incident, without realizing that it would damage the image of the country abroad. “A Hindu temple was demolished and think what they must have felt. “Imagine the reaction of the Muslims if a mosque was demolished,” CJ said.
    The IGP tried to pacify the bench by saying that the case had been registered and terrorism clauses had been added to the FIR.


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