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    Pakistan says India was behind June bomb blast in Lahore - Times of India
    Karachi: Pakistan’s national security adviser has accused India of orchestrating a deadly car bombing last month in the eastern city of Lahore, saying Sunday that an investigation showed it was organized by an Indian intelligence agency.
    In a press conference in Islamabad, Moeed Yousuf said the investigation showed that the man was an Indian citizen living in India and working for the country’s RAW intelligence service. He did not name the supposed brain.
    “Through forensic analysis, electronic equipment recovered from these terrorists, we have identified the mastermind and operators of this terrorist attack. And we have no doubt to inform you that the main brain belongs to RAW, lives in India and is an Indian citizen. He said Pakistan would continue its efforts to expose India ‘s sponsorship of such attacks internationally.
    The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of the home of anti-Indian terrorism leader Hafiz Saeed, who has been described by the US Department of Justice as a $ 10 million terrorist.
    Saturday is the mastermind of the deadly 2008 Mumbai bombings that killed nearly 170 people. He was injured in a powerful explosion in the neighborhood of Johar in Lahore that killed three and injured 24.
    India and Pakistan routinely accuse each other of carrying out illegal attacks on each other’s territory. Saeed is a highly wanted suspect in India, and Pakistan has been criticized by India and the United States for failing to take stronger action against him.
    Punjab police chief Inam Ghani said all those involved in the bombing had been arrested, including an Afghan living in Pakistan who had in fact parked a car loaded with explosives at the scene.
    Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Aridam Bagiki could not be reached for comment.


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