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    Pakistan Hindu Temple Attack: 20 people arrested, over 150 booked in Pakistan for attack on Hindu temple | World News - Times of India
    LAHORE: Police in Pakistan’s Punjab province said on Saturday they had arrested 20 people and detained more than 150 others for their alleged involvement in an attack on a Hindu temple in a remote city.
    The police action came after the Supreme Court of the country on Friday took the authorities for failure to stop the attack and ordered the arrest of the guilty, noting that the incident tarnished the image of the country abroad.
    Hundreds of people carrying sticks, stones and bricks attacked the temple, burning parts of it and damaging idols in the Bhong area of ​​Rahimyar Khan district of the province in protest of the release of an eight-year-old Hindu boy by a court. , who was arrested for allegedly urinating at a local seminar.
    “So far we have arrested more than 20 suspects allegedly involved in the attack on a temple in Bong,” Rahim Yar Khan district police chief Yad Khan Asad Sarfraz told reporters.
    He said more arrests were expected in the coming days as police identified the suspects via video.
    An FIR has been registered under terrorism and other parts of Pakistan’s Penal Code against more than 150 for their involvement in the attack on the temple, he said.
    “We will arrest any suspect involved in this crime. With a top order, the restoration work of the temple has begun,” he said.
    On Friday, Pakistan’s supreme judge Gulzar Ahmed said the vandalism at the temple had brought shame to the country as police acted like silent spectators.
    The head of justice wondered about the arrest of the eight-year-old boy and asked if the police were not able to understand the mental capacity of the minors.
    Pakistan’s parliament on Friday condemned the attack on the temple with the adoption of a resolution.
    The hearing of the case was postponed to August 13.
    India on Thursday summoned the Pakistani commissioner to New Delhi and protested strongly, expressing grave concern over the reprehensible incident and the ongoing attacks on the freedom of religion of minority communities and places of worship in their religion.
    Hindus are the largest minority community in Pakistan.
    According to official estimates, 75,000 Hindus live in Pakistan. However, according to the community, more than 90,000 Hindus live in the country.
    The majority of Pakistan’s Hindu population is settled in Sindh province where they share culture, traditions and language with Muslims. They often complain of harassment by extremists.


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