Over 6,18,000 Pakistanis deported from 138 countries since 2015 – News Vibe24

    Over 6,18,000 Pakistanis deported from 138 countries since 2015 - Times of India
    Islamabad: 618,877 Pakistanis have been deported from 138 countries since 2015 due to various areas, including illegal entry or false travel documents.
    More than 72% of the total numbers were deported from seven friendly countries, namely Saudi Arabia, Oman, the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Iran and Turkey, News International reported.
    Pakistan Federal Bureau of Investigation (FIA) officials said the deportees may not have received adequate support for Pakistan’s overseas missions, a move that has led to alarming deportations in recent years.
    The average deportation of Pakistanis during the six-year period is 321,590 (147 per day) from Saudi Arabia, which is 52% of the total deportation. More than 61,403 Pakistanis were deported in 2015, 57,704 in 2016, 93,736 in 2017, 50,944 in 2018, 38,470 in 2019 and 19,333 were deported from Saudi Arabia last year.
    FIA officials told Geo News that new immigration policies adopted by various countries, particularly the governments of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, have created problems for expatriates.
    Some migrants were able to enter other countries on the basis of questionable documents usually prepared by their agents or traffickers, while some deportees deliberately placed their documents to extend their illegal stay.


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