Oilseeds production doubled in 12 years: Razzaque

    Agriculture Minister Muhammad Abdur Razzaque said today that the country’s oilseed production has almost doubled in the last 12 years.

    “Even then, most of the edible oil has to be imported from abroad and a lot of foreign exchange is spent, as the main obstacle to the country’s oil production is the lack of land,” he said.

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    The minister said this while speaking in a laboratory about the project “Increasing the production of oilseeds” by the secretariat.

    According to this project, which was completed late last year with TK 278 million, olive crops, including mustard, sunflower and soybeans, will grow by 20% using modern short-term crop varieties to 250 upazilas in the country by 2025. according to the ministry.

    “Our scientists have developed high-yield and short-term improved varieties of mustard, and if these can be spread quickly to farmers, it will be possible to increase the production of oilseeds,” the minister said.

    According to the ministry, the production of oilseeds in 2009 was 6.6 million metric tons, while it increased to 11.54 million metric tons in 2020.

    Razzaque said that this ministry is working to increase olive growing as an additional crop without reducing the increase in paddy production.

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