Nine banks donate Tk 15.92 crore to Brac’s Covid-19 prevention campaign

    Nine private banks have partnered with BRAC in its public awareness campaign and emergency support across the country amid the new wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The banks are BRAC Bank, Eastern Bank Limited, Mutual Trust Bank, Standard Bank, Dhaka Bank, Bank Asia, Mercantile Bank, United Commercial Bank and Dutch Bangla Bank.

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    These banks cooperate with BRAC projects “Dakcche Abar Desh” and “Community Fort for Resisting Covid-19” (CFRC) under the direction of the Bank of Bangladesh.

    Amid rising COVID-19 cases, Bangladesh Bank last month called on all planned banks to launch a special corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity to help those affected by the pandemic.

    The banks have committed about TK 15.92 million, of which TK 13.57 million will provide cash to 72,160 households, with the remaining amount to be used to provide Covid mask and other prevention services to 1.8 million people and provided health care services to 10,000 patients with Covid Symptoms, the BRAC press release said.

    The campaign will focus specifically on 20 regions with the highest Covid-19 deployment rate, mainly in the Rajshahi and Khulna divisions, he said.

    Of the nine banks, the agreement is being worked out with Bank Asia and Dhaka Bank.

    Asif Saleh, BRAC Executive Director, said: “We wholeheartedly welcome this much needed support from these nine private banks.”

    This collective contribution will be directed to two of our core projects Covid-19-Community Fort for Resisting COVID-19 and Dakcche Abar Desh-two projects to enhance community resilience through mask and medical support and emergency funding support for most vulnerable households for whom exclusion continues to be particularly harsh, he said.

    “I hope this will encourage more private actors to show up to work together at this difficult time so that we can work together to fight this pandemic and help the most vulnerable households,” he added.

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