Missions prepare for possible shutdown

    UN peacekeepers are preparing for a possible closure tomorrow if the 193-member United Nations General Assembly fails to agree on a new budget of more than $ 6 billion for the year to June 30, 2022, officials said. diplomats on Monday.

    Some diplomats have blamed changes in negotiations, logistics issues and the tough talks China is waging on Western countries for delaying reaching an agreement.

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    The budget for the UN Global Peacekeeping Operations – about 20 missions worldwide, mobilizing nearly 100,000 Blue Helmets – is about $ 6.5 billion and covers a 12-month period beginning on July 1 each year.

    Catherine Pollard, head of the UN’s Strategic Management, Policy and Compliance, said the UN peacekeeping missions – most of which are in Africa and the Middle East – had been advised to start implementing emergency plans if a new budget is approved. in time.

    “At the same time, we remain optimistic and confident that the Member States will conclude their negotiations,” Pollard told reporters.

    He said that if the June 30 deadline was missed, then Secretary-General Antonio Guterres could only spend money to protect UN assets and ensure the protection of personnel and peacekeepers.

    The head of the UN peacekeeping organization Jean-Pierre Lacroix said the missions would be very limited and they would not be able to take measures such as protecting civilians, tackling Covid-19 and supporting political efforts and mediation.

    The United States has the highest rating in the peacekeeping budget, accounting for about 28%, followed by China with 15.2% and Japan with 8.5%.

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