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    Last German troops leave Afghanistan after nearly 20 years - Times of India
    BERLIN: The last German troops left Afghanistan on Tuesday after almost 20 years of development in the country, said the Minister of Defense.
    Defense Secretary Angret Krab-Karenbauer wrote on Twitter that the last Bundeswehr soldiers “left Afghanistan safely” on Tuesday night. He thanked the more than 150,000 troops who have served there since 2001 and said “they can be proud of this mission”.
    The German army said the last troops arrived at their home via Tbilisi, Georgia, and that Brig. General Ansgar Meyer, the last commander of the German corps, was on an Airbus A400M aircraft that brought them home.
    NATO agreed in April to withdraw some 7,000 non-US troops from Afghanistan to coincide with US President Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw all US troops from the country on May 1. At that time, Germany had about 1,100 troops there.
    “The German army, which is focused on northern Afghanistan, was the second largest in the current Resolute Support mission after the United States.” Its last bases were in Mazar-e-Sharif and Kabul.
    “A historic chapter is coming to an end, a strong development that the Bundeswehr demanded and noted, in which the Bundeswehr proved itself in battle,” Kramp-Karrenbauer said.
    The German parliament first approved the deployment of the army to Afghanistan in December 2001, and the first troops arrived in Kabul in January 2002.
    Fifty-nine German troops have died in Afghan missions in recent years.
    U.S. officials say a full withdrawal of U.S. troops is likely to be completed by July 4.
    About 750 container equipment have been sent back to Germany by land and air, including 120 vehicles and six helicopters, the Bundeswehr said.


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