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    Kabul seeks Islamabad's help to persuade Taliban for talks - Times of India
    Islamabad: Afghanistan has called on Pakistan to help persuade the Taliban to hold talks with authorities in Kabul, as fierce fighting between Afghan and insurgent forces claims dozens of lives daily across the country.
    “We have high expectations from Pakistan. “I hope Islamabad will convince the Taliban for talks again,” Afghan Foreign Minister Hanif Atar said on Friday.
    Prime Minister Imran Khan, however, has repeatedly said that the deadline for Washington to withdraw from Afghanistan had reduced Islamabad’s leverage against Afghan insurgents.
    The situation in Afghanistan has become more volatile, with the Taliban launching a blister campaign and capturing key areas of the country, in a gradual move as US forces gradually withdraw from the country.
    Asked if the Afghan government believed the US had betrayed them, Atmar said Washington had signed an agreement with the Taliban with sincere intentions.
    “The Taliban did not fulfill the part of the agreement and deceived the whole world. The Taliban are making a huge mistake. “We all extended a hand of friendship to them,” he said.
    He said the Afghan government was telling the Taliban to honor the Doha peace agreement, adding that Kabul had fulfilled its obligations under the prisoner exchange agreement and to ensure the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country.
    The Afghan minister also said that the Pakistan Taliban Movement and Al Qaeda have joined forces with other terrorist elements and are fighting alongside the Taliban against Afghan government forces.
    “We are monitoring the links between the TTP, the Taliban and Al Qaeda on a daily basis,” Atmar said, adding that there were definitely links between these groups.
    According to the minister, the Afghan government has divided the foreign militant groups into different categories.
    “The first among them are those who are fighting for a global agenda, like Al Qaeda and Daisy. “Al Qaeda and Daesh fighters are present in the border areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan.”
    “Then we have regional players. “TTP, Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, Jaish-e-Mohammad, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), the Islamic Movement of East Turkestan (ETIM), Ansarullah and Jundullah,” Atmar said.
    “The whole region, not just Afghanistan, is under threat from these groups. “Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, India, Russia and the Middle East are at risk from these groups.”
    Afghan FM said his country spoke of regional co-operation to tackle the militant problem without distinguishing between good and bad terrorists.
    “Peace between Afghanistan and the Taliban will ensure that these elements will not find safe haven in Afghanistan,” he added.


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