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    Joe Biden pushes effort to combat rising tide of violent crime - Times of India
    WASHINGTON: President Joe Biden plans to take new steps to stem the growing national tide of violent crime, with a particular emphasis on gun violence, as administration officials say what they fear could be a particularly tumultuous summer.
    The concern about crime is real: It has created financial hardship, displacement and stress. But there are also difficult policies in the game. The rise of crime has become a point of conversation for Republicans and has been a frequent topic of conversation in the conservative media.
    White House aides believe Biden, with his long criminal history as a former senator, is not easy to paint so gently, and the president was clearly opposed to the “police deterrence” movement, which has been used effectively against other Democrats to paint them as illegal. But Biden is also trying to bolster progressives’ efforts to reform policing. And while crime-fighting and police reform need not contradict each other, the two efforts are increasingly charged in this way.
    In a speech Wednesday, Biden is set to unveil a series of executive orders aimed at reducing violence and will renew his calls to Congress to pass gun legislation, aides said. Ahead of the speech, the Ministry of Justice announced new strike forces aimed at tackling arms trafficking in five cities.
    The White House also planned to convene a meeting Wednesday with a bilateral group of mayors, members of the law enforcement community, experts and community activists. White House staff have also contacted lawmakers and congressional staff.
    “Yes, police reform needs to be done across the country. The president firmly believes in that,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said on Tuesday. “But there are also steps he can take as President of the United States to help tackle and hopefully reduce this crime. A large part of it, in his view, implements weapons security measures … using the bullying platform, but also using levers at his disposal as president. ”
    In April, Biden announced half a dozen firearms enforcement measures, including the suppression of “fictitious weapons,” home-made firearms that do not have serial numbers used to detect them and that are often purchased without a web.
    There is also new federal funding from the $ 1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief package for municipal governments, allowing them to keep more police on the road. The aide said Biden would also seek immediate confirmation of his selection as head of the Office of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
    But Biden is limited in his power to act alone. The House passed two accounts requiring background checks on all firearms sales and transfers and allowing an extensive 10-day review of arms purchases. But the bill faces strong opposition in the Senate, where it would need some Republican support.
    Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco said on Tuesday that she had seen a double-digit increase in murders and violent crimes nationwide.
    “It ‘s shocking. It’ s frustrating,” he told a Washington-based police executive forum on crime crimes. “And it’s something the DOJ is committed to doing what we can to reverse the worrying trends.”
    Monaco says the Department of Justice will launch strikes in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, DC, to help reduce violent crime by tackling arms trafficking, based on an initiative launched last month.
    If the federal effort sounds familiar, it is. Federal businesses have been frequently launched to help cities facing crime. President Donald Trump announced a similar move last year when he and then-Attorney General William Barr launched Operation Legend, named after a boy shot dead in Kansas City, Missouri. In this effort, hundreds of investigators have expanded to nine cities with increasing crime, prioritizing the arrest of violent criminals.
    However, Trump has blamed rising crime on protesters who protested against police brutality following the assassination of George Floyd in Minneapolis. He argued that Democrats allow crime to sin in their cities. However, despite the pockets of violence in both democratic and democratic cities, the demonstrations were largely peaceful. A study by the Harvard Radcliffe Institute found that no injuries were reported in 97% of cases. However, Republican leaders continue to repeat Trump’s claims.
    And as crime rises – homicides and shootings have risen since the same time last year in Chicago. Los Angeles; Minneapolis Portland, Oregon; Baltimore? Baton Rouge, Louisiana? and Houston – Violent crime remains lower overall than it was a decade or even five years ago. And most of the violent crimes fell during the first six months of the pandemic, as people stayed indoors and away from others.
    Crime began to rise last summer, a trend that criminologists say is difficult to identify and is most likely due to a number of factors such as historical unemployment, fear of the virus and mass anger over home orders. The mass shootings have also caused a worrying return.
    “Many of us – if not most of us – are seeing an increase in crime while at the same time hearing calls for reform,” Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison told Cities in remarks to the police forum. “And some of these calls are on the verge of disintegration and dismissal … while at the same time we swear to protect people.”
    Interest in weapons is also growing. The number of people who stopped buying weapons through the US background control system reached an all-time high of more than 300,000 last year amid an increase in firearms sales. And several states have passed laws prohibiting the implementation of federal gun control laws.
    Louisville Subway Police Chief Erika Shields said loose gun laws and the presence of illegal weapons on the streets are exacerbating the violence.
    “When everyone can have a gun, they tend,” he said. “And it leads to more illegal weapons on the street.”
    The Department of Justice recently announced an extensive investigation into Louisville police in connection with the March 2020 death of Brena Taylor, who was shot to death by police during a raid on her home. A similar investigation has been launched into the Minneapolis police force.
    The rise in violence comes as part of a national debate on policing and as a bill on police reform is being drafted in Congress. Psaki on Tuesday rejected proposals that a presidential event focusing on crime suppression would undermine this legislative effort.
    As a senator, Biden wrote several large anti-crime packages, including a 1994 bill that contained provisions now considered by some to be an overreaction to crime in the 1980s and 1990s. Critics say those accounts helped the mass the imprisonment of Black Americans and Biden’s involvement in the 2020 campaign.
    Biden has expressed second thoughts on certain aspects of the legislation and has acknowledged its detrimental impact on many Black Americans. But he and his allies continue to enforce the law to address domestic violence, ban guns and fund community policing.


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