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    Israeli court annuls parts of surrogacy law excluding same-sex couples - Times of India
    JERUSALEM: Israel’s Supreme Court on Sunday paved the way for gay couples to have children through surrogate mothers, a move hailed by lawmakers and activists as a victory for LGBT rights.
    The court ruled in 2020 that a law on parentheses, which had extended access to unmarried women but excluded same-sex couples, “disproportionately damaged the right to equality and the right to paternity” and was illegal.
    It gave the government a year to draft a new law, but parliament did not meet the deadline.
    The court said on Sunday that “because for more than a year the state has done nothing to promote the appropriate amendment of the law, the court ruled that it can not observe the continuing serious human rights damage caused by the existing power “.
    The change in the law will take effect in six months to allow for professional guidelines, he said.
    Aguda, an Israeli group of LGBTQ activists, hailed the decision as a “historic milestone in our struggle for equality.”
    Super-Orthodox lawmaker Aryeh Deri, the country’s former interior minister, wrote on Twitter that the court ruling was another serious blow to Israel’s Jewish identity and that “most of the nation wants to preserve Israel’s tradition by maintaining Jewish family values ​​”.
    Deputy Foreign Minister Edan Roll, an outspoken gay member of the Knesset, responded: “I am convinced that most of the nation loves and respects my Jewish family created through the parenthesis.”
    Etai and Yoav Pinkas Arad, a gay couple who filed a lawsuit against the parenthesis law in 2010, said the decision “is a big step towards equality not only for LGBTQ in Israel, but also for equality in Israel.” generally”.
    Under current regulations, same-sex Israeli couples wishing to become parents can not do extra work and are often discouraged by the extra cost of finding one abroad.
    The state had argued that the law was intended to protect surrogate mothers, but the court ruled that a non-discriminatory balance could be struck.
    Unlike most of the conservative Middle East, Israel is generally tolerant of the LGBTQ community. Homosexuals serve openly in the Israeli army and parliament, and many popular artists and entertainers, as well as the country’s current health minister, are openly gay. However, obstacles remain – including the absence of a civil marriage that would allow same-sex marriage -.


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