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    Israel reimposes more restrictions as virus surges - Times of India
    JERUSALEM: Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on Wednesday that vaccinations and renewed restrictions could save Israel a new blockade, even as coronavirus infections increase.
    “Our goal is to keep Israel open but not to reach a situation where hospitals say they are full,” he told a tour of a new vaccination center in Jerusalem.
    “We are trying to avoid it and we know when to put the brakes on,” said Bennett.
    “In order to avoid stricter restrictions, we will be vaccinated, we will wear masks and we will keep our distance.”
    The Bennett government announced a package of new restrictions on Tuesday, including the requirement for vaccination certificates or negative tests to enter spaces with less than 100 people and the mandatory use of masks outdoors with more than 100.
    Announcing the new restrictions, the Covid commission of the cabinet warned that the highly contagious version of the coronavirus delta was spreading rapidly and called on Israelis to “stop shaking hands, hugging and kissing”.
    The Ministry of Health has also expanded the list of countries from which arrivals are required to be quarantined, regardless of vaccination or testing status, to include France, Italy and the United States, among others.
    Over the past week and a half, Israel has recorded an average of more than 2,000 new cases a day, with 229 people in serious condition – the highest since April.
    The rise in infections is a step backwards as Israel’s leading global vaccine campaign reduced new Covid-19 cases from 10,000 a day to less than 100.
    Israel lifted most of the Covid restrictions in early June, but began reinstating some of them last month following a resurgence of cases.
    Nearly 60 percent of Israel’s 9.3 million people have had two vaccines, most notably the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine.
    But about one million Israelis still refuse to be vaccinated even though they are eligible.
    Israel last week made a boost plan for more than 60 years. It has also made children up to 12 years old eligible for vaccination.


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