Investigators seek motive after Somali man kills 3

    Investigators struggled yesterday to find the motive of a man who fell on a knife in the German city of Wuerzburg, killing three people and leaving five seriously injured.

    The suspect, a 24-year-old Somali man who arrived in Wuerzburg in 2015, carried out the attack in the city center on Friday night, hitting a home appliance store before going to a bank.

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    He was later neutralized by police after being shot in the thigh, Bavarian Interior Minister Jochim Herman said.

    Investigators found records showing the man had been treated at a psychiatric hospital and police said he was not a known Islamist.

    “The police investigation will determine if this was an Islamic act or if it was due to the man’s psychiatric condition,” Herman said.

    However, the case was handled immediately by the far-right AfD, with party co-chair Joerg Meuthen noting that a witness had heard the suspect shout “Allah Abar” (God is greater).

    Mouthen lamented the latest “Islamist stabbings in the middle of Germany”, adding that it was “a tragedy for the victims, who I like and another manifestation of Merkel’s failed immigration policy”.

    AfD discourages Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to allow more than one million asylum seekers – many fleeing Iraq and Syria – since 2015 has contributed to an increased security risk.

    President Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed shock at the “extreme violence” of the crime. “He will be held accountable by the rule of law for this inhumane act,” the president said.

    Videos circulating on the internet showed passersby trying to stop the suspect from using folding chairs. A crowd of people were chased before a police car arrived at the scene, a video showed.

    While the motive of the perpetrator remains unclear, Germany is on alert after several Islamist extremist attacks.

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