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    Infections, deaths continue to soar in Russia - Times of India
    MOSCOW: Coronavirus infections continue to rise in Russia, with authorities reporting 20,182 new cases on Thursday and 568 further deaths. Both highs are the highest since the end of January
    An increase in infections that hit Russia earlier this month comes as authorities struggle to overcome widespread vaccine reluctance to vaccinate 146 million people. As of Wednesday, only 20.7 million – or just 14% of the population – have received at least one vaccine, while 16.7 million – 11 percent – have been fully vaccinated.
    In response to growing infections, authorities in 14 Russian regions have made vaccinations mandatory for certain groups of people, such as government officials, those involved in retail, healthcare, education, restaurants and other service businesses. In most of these areas, eligible companies are required to ensure that at least 60% of their staff are vaccinated in the coming months.
    Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova said on Wednesday that vaccination rates had almost doubled in the past week.
    The Russian coronation team reported a total of more than 5.3 million confirmed coronavirus cases in the pandemic and more than 131,000 deaths.


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