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    Imran Khan's controversial comments linking temptation to women's dressing widely criticised - Times of India
    Islamists: Angry opposition lawmakers in Pakistan have criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan for his controversial statement on women’s clothing amid growing rapes in the country.
    In a recent interview, Hahn was asked if he believed that what women wear affects the temptation that leads to rape, the prime minister replied: “If a woman wears too little clothes she will have an impact, she will have an impact on men, unless she is a robot . I mean it’s common sense. ”
    Apparently surprised by Khan’s response, researcher Jonathan Swan re-posed his question, “But is it really going to cause acts of sexual violence?”
    Maintaining his stance, the 68-year-old superficial cricket player turned politician and continued to explain: “It depends on the society in which you live.”
    He added: “If in a society people have not seen such a thing, it will have an impact [on them]. Growing up in a society like yours may not affect you. This cultural imperialism … Everything in our culture must be accepted by everyone else. ”
    Criticizing Khan’s controversial remarks, Pakistani opposition Senate Sherry Rahman wrote: “Whether it is our laws or even our religion, it is very clear that respect for women is the viewer’s responsibility. no man has the right to accuse women or how they dress, of violence, rape and crimes against women. Shocked that our Prime Minister is doing this. ”
    “The IK [Imran Khan] I do not know that saying that women should dress in a certain way, gives oppressors and criminals against women a new narrative to justify their behavior. There is no excuse for a prime minister to speak in this way. “Very irresponsible and condemnable,” he said in another tweet.
    Sinda Women’s Development Minister Sehla Raj said Prime Minister Hahn should focus on the issues facing the country instead of “watching over women”.
    The provincial minister said Khan should not have said that while sitting in the seat of the country’s prime minister, the Dawn newspaper reported.
    “People got an idea of ​​a mentality of a sick, half-hearted, degenerate and abandoned IK. “It is not the choice of women who lead to sexual assault, but the choice of men to take part in this heinous and heinous crime,” said Mariam Aurangzeb, a spokeswoman for the Muslim League of Pakistan.
    “Perhaps the heretic, degenerate, will defend pedophiles and murderers, as he claims for rape, since not all men can be expected to control temptation. “Only degenerate FYI, self-control is a small thing to which Allah gives a great premium,” he added.
    Trapped by an angry reaction to Khan’s controversial comments, Pakistan’s ruling Tech-e-Ant (PTI) ousted prominent party leaders to defend the prime minister.
    Climate change minister Zartay Gul and PTI lawmakers Maleeka Ali Bokhari and Kanwal Shauzab held a press conference on Tuesday to tell everyone they had misinterpreted Khan’s comments.
    The PTI-led government has mobilized women for the first time in Pakistan, Geo News reported.
    “A woman like me became a Member of Parliament from a tribal area,” she said, adding that there are five women in the Cabinet for the first time.
    He described Khan as a “symbol of women’s emancipation”.
    “We are strong women and we have been strengthened by our leader Imran Khan,” Bokhari said.
    Shauzab said it believed that if you were among those “fighting” against the prime minister’s statement in his interview, then “you disagree with Allah’s commands.”
    He went on to say that Prime Minister Khan explained Allah’s commands regarding women.
    During the HBO interview, Hahn was also asked about his previous comments about temptation, women’s clothing, and men’s “will” – and how he was accused of being a rape victim.
    Khan, who dismissed it as nonsense, said that the meaning of purdah is to avoid temptation in society.
    “We do not have a disco here, we do not have nightclubs, so it is a completely different society, a way of life here, so if you tempt society to the point and all these young people are nowhere, it has consequences in society,” Hahn said.
    There have been at least 11 rape cases reported daily in Pakistan, while more than 22,000 rape cases have been reported to police across the country over the past six years, according to official statistics reported by Pakistani media.
    However, only 77 defendants have been convicted, which is 0.3 percent of the total, The News International reported in November last year.


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