First-ever T-shirt entrepreneurship contest’s deadline extended

    “Innovation starts at home.” and Smatifier Training and Consultation have taken this wonderful quote to the next level of reality.

    While I was stuck at home during the severe lockout, the training went online and the hangouts became a daily meeting. When all the youth pounded their heads thinking about how to be innovative and productive, Aadi and STC introduced the first t-shirt entrepreneurship competition. The competition was announced for participation on June 11, 2021. And within the first 15 days, the competition was excessive with more than 100 registrations. Students from different universities and backgrounds came forward to show their talent. The use of different colors, interesting dialogues and exciting designs have made this whole competition enchanting.

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    Seeing the overwhelming response, enthusiasm and dedication to the youth, Aadi and smart training and consulting decided to extend the deadline until July 20, 2021.


    The champion will receive a gift voucher of 20,000 BDT from Aadi.

    The top 25 participants will receive training, an opportunity to sell t-shirts in 220 countries and earn royalties from the sales of their designs (as defined by their respective t-shirt brands).

    The top 100 entrants will receive a digital certificate.

    Entrants can sign up for this exciting contest via this link:

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