Evaly’s plea for more time: Commerce ministry to decide on Wednesday

    The Commerce Department and representatives of some government agencies will meet on Wednesday to decide whether to provide six months to Evaly, after the digital platform asked for time to respond in detail to the notification for the show it recently received.

    “We are sitting down to decide what needs to be done about Evaly,” Commerce Secretary Tapan Candy Goss told the Daily Star today.

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    The Minister of Commerce will chair the meeting.

    The body will include representatives of the Bank of Bangladesh, the Home Office, the Directorate for National Protection of Consumer Rights and a number of other government agencies.

    On July 19, the ministry sent a letter to Evaly, asking it to explain by August 1 how it would settle its current obligations to customers and merchants. However, Evaly responded on the last day of the deadline.

    The announcement instructed the e-commerce website to explain why it would not take legal action against it to protect customers and merchants and prevent the negative impact of digital commerce.

    He also explored the company’s business practices.

    In its response, Evaly said it wanted its third-party financial statements to be audited and the company’s valuation to be determined.

    “We have to work on a lot of data and details that require a lot of time and effort,” Mahbi Chowdhury, Evaly’s senior vice president, told the Daily Star recently.

    “Therefore, we have answered some questions and asked for six months to find the detailed answers to the remaining questions,” he said.

    The Commerce Department announcement also asked Evaly to clarify the location of approximately 338 Tk krona owed by the platform to customers and traders.

    According to a Bangladesh Bank survey report, Evaly owes Tk 213.94 to customers and TK 189.85 to traders.

    It has assets worth 91.69 million Tk. From the sum, the current asset amounts to 65.17 Ck Tk.

    The Commerce Department said it had noticed that Evaly did not deliver products on time despite receiving advances from customers.

    “The merchants from whom he receives products are also not paid. As a result, a large number of buyers and sellers are likely to suffer financially,” the statement said.

    He also wanted to know how much money Evaly received from customers from its launch until July 15 and the amount paid to merchants.

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