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    Evacuation orders widened as California fire spreads - Times of India
    GREENWILL: Evacuation orders were extended Thursday as California’s largest wildfire broke out in the state’s frantic landscape, leaving hundreds of square miles of waste.
    The Dixie Fire is already the sixth largest in the state’s history and has spread even further thanks to strong winds and record low humidity.
    The historic Greenville mining town, a settlement of a few hundred people dating back to the mid-1800s Gold Rush, has completely disappeared this week.
    “I would say that the majority of downtown Greenville has been completely destroyed,” photographer Stuart Palley wrote on Twitter, sharing images of the disaster.
    “My heart is broken for this beautiful little town.”
    The Dixie fire – just one of the flames sweeping the western United States – has been raging in the arid forests of northern California since mid-July, as part of a global warming that has caused overheating and intense heat and drought. to the area.
    It has now devoured about 500 square miles (1,300 square kilometers). Nearly one-fifth of this area was added Wednesday night to Thursday.
    The fire is so big that it has created its own weather system.
    “We did what we could,” Mitch Matlow, a spokesman for the California Fire Department, told reporters. “Sometimes it’s just not enough.”
    Images taken by an AFP photographer in Greenville showed that the heat of the fire had bent the streetlights to the ground, with only a few structures still standing.
    A gas station, a hotel and a bar were destroyed, as well as many buildings that were more than a century old.
    The fire swept through the city on Wednesday afternoon, where the impact was devastating, said Jake Kegl, head of operations management at the event management team.
    He said firefighters were battling those who did not obey evacuation orders, so they had to divert time and resources to save people in the flames, even as they struggled to contain an emergency fire.
    “We have firefighters taking guns on them because people do not want to leave,” he said on Thursday.
    “It was a very difficult day for all of our resources – there are things out there that we did not want to see,” Kegel said.
    Nearly 5,000 people are involved in the fight to put out the fire.
    But the very low humidity and the dry landscape offered ideal conditions for the fire to rage.
    The control lines set up by the firefighters were violated during the night, with the fire growing “explosively” in places, according to the commanders of the incident.
    Authorities issued even more evacuation orders Thursday, telling Taylorsville and Westwood residents to leave.
    By the end of July, the number of acres burned in California had risen more than 250 percent since 2020 – the worst year of wildfires in the state’s modern history.
    Dixie Fire has evoked painful memories of Paradise Fire, the deadliest fire in recent California history.
    Defective cables ignited hell, which swept the northern city of Paradise in 2018, killing 86 people. Pacific Gas and Electric, the largest utility company in California, was held responsible.
    PG&E equipment is again blamed for Dixie Fire, after a tree fell on a power line the day the fire started.
    The company announced in late July that it would bury 16,000 kilometers of power lines in a massive effort to prevent its equipment from igniting more deadly fires.
    Greenville itself is no stranger to fire disasters. A devastating fire destroyed much of the city in 1881 and several large hells threatened the inhabitants in the 140 years that elapsed.


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