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    CPC 'commands the gun', says Xi as he asks Chinese military to expedite modernisation process - Times of India
    BEIJING: On the eve of China Army Day, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Saturday that the ruling Communist Party is the “one that rules the gun” and called on the military to make decisive efforts to become the world’s best army. in 2027. that of the USA.
    A key conclusion of the Communist Party of China (CPC) led by 68-year-old Xi last year completed plans to build a fully modern army equivalent to the US by 2027.
    By 2027, marking the centenary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), China will build a fully modern military equivalent to that of the United States, a goal that aligns with national strength and meets a future need for national defense. media after the CPC plenary session held in October last year.
    Addressing a group study session of the CPC Politburo on Saturday, Xi – who heads the CPC and the powerful Central Military Commission (CMC), in addition to the prospect of a lifetime in power as opposed to his predecessors – called for strong will. and determination to work hard to achieve the goals set for the PLA anniversary to be celebrated in 2027.
    The CMC is the overall top command of the Chinese military.
    Reviewing the history of the CPC, which celebrated its centenary on July 1, Xi stressed that “the party rules the gun”, supporting absolute leadership vis-.-Vis the armed forces, official media reported here.
    According to the 14th Five-Year Plan implemented from this year until the 100th anniversary of the PLA, the centennial goal of military development must be achieved.
    In addition to the rapid modernization of the military through heavy defense budgets, which this year amounted to $ 200 billion, and military exercises in real combat conditions to win wars, Xi has also repeatedly stressed, since taking over the leadership of the CPC in 2012 , that the PLA should operate under the leadership of the party.
    His repeated emphasis raised eyebrows as the PLA according to China’s constitutional structure operating under the leadership of the party and not under the government.
    Xi shocked the PLA, the world’s largest army of two million people, by punishing more than 50 top generals, in addition to a number of officials, in the massive anti-corruption campaign that began since he came to power.
    At Saturday’s meeting, Xi greeted officers, soldiers and civilian personnel of the PLA and the People’s Armed Police, as well as members of the militia and reserve service ahead of the PLA’s 94th birthday, which falls on August 1. Xinhua State News Agency.
    Xi noted that achieving the goals is an important decision of the CPC and the CMC and a crucial task for China’s national security and overall development.
    In the historic course of fully building a modern socialist country and achieving the goal of the second centenary, greater emphasis should be placed on strengthening national defense and the armed forces, Xi said.
    Xi said achieving the goals is a profound reform vital to the overall construction of the entire army, and called for a transformation in the development philosophy to ensure high-quality development.
    Stressing the need to adapt to the global trend of military development and meet the requirements for strengthening the strategic capability of the Chinese Armed Forces, Xi “called for” efforts to advance national defense and armed forces reform, the report said. PTI KJV AKJ


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