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    Covid-19: EU advises adding condition to AstraZeneca label - Times of India
    LONDON: The European Medicines Agency says it advises people who have had a rare blood vessel syndrome not to be immunized with the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine.
    In a statement on Friday, the EU Drug Enforcement Administration said it was examining the cases of six people who had capillary leak syndrome after receiving a vaccine for AstraZeneca. The vaccine had previously been linked to rare blood clots, but health officials say its benefits still outweigh the small risks.
    EMA experts have also concluded that capillary leakage should be added to the product information as a new side effect of the vaccine.
    The agency said it was continuing to review heart inflammation in a small number of people who developed post-immunization conditions with vaccines developed by Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna Inc.
    The EMA said it was studying cases of myocarditis, inflammation of the heart and pericarditis, inflammation of the membrane that surrounds the heart. Symptoms include shortness of breath and chest pain. the problems are usually temporary.
    “Further analysis is needed to determine if there is a causal link between the vaccines,” the EU agency said.
    The EMA said it expects to complete a review of such cases next month.


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