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    Covid-19: Delta sweeps Sydney as Australia widens restrictions - Times of India
    SYDNEY: Australian officials on Friday warned Sydney residents to prepare for an increase in Covid-19 cases, as the country’s largest city set a record for infections for the second day in a row, despite a week-long blockade to eliminate the Delta epidemic.
    “Just because of the trend of the last few days and where things are going, I expect more cases in the coming days and I just want everyone to be prepared for that,” New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Beretziklian told reporters in Sydney. , state capital.
    Sydney reported a record 279 Covid-19 cases locally in the last 24 hours, up from a previous high of 259 the previous day. New South Wales reported a record 291 cases, out of 262, with one new death, raising the state as a whole to 22 of the latest outbreaks, all in Sydney.
    Of particular concern is the growing number of positive people with the highly contagious Delta species moving in the community, especially in the southwestern suburbs of Sydney. About one-fifth of Friday’s cases have been spent outside while it was contagious.
    More than 60% of Australia’s 25 million people are in a tough lockdown on Friday to try to contain the latest outbreak, including the country’s three largest cities, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
    The current epidemic centered around the Delta strain is testing Australia’s largely successful response to the coronavirus crisis, which has kept its exposure relatively low with just over 35,600 cases and 933 deaths.
    But lock-stop-start-lock amid a slow release of vaccination, with only about 21% of people over the age of 16 fully vaccinated, has disappointed residents.
    Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who is under fire for slow spread, blames the delay in changing medical advice due to concerns about rare blood clots from locally produced AstraZeneca vaccines and restrictions on the supply of Pfizer vaccines.
    Victoria, next to New South Wales and home to nearly 7 million people, entered its sixth blockade since the pandemic began on Thursday, just weeks after leaving its last, shocking residents and sparking a lockdown rally in the capital of the state of Melbourne.
    He reported six cases of Covid-19 locally acquired on Friday, a day after several unrelated new infections suddenly appeared in Melbourne, up from eight the previous day.
    Of Friday’s cases, all are linked to earlier reports but were not quarantined during their infectious period, the state Department of Health said.
    In Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland, authorities reported 10 new cases, up from 16 the previous day, and added that they hoped the lock would be lifted as scheduled on Sunday, as all but two cases were isolated before testing positive.


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