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    Chinese Army's Tibetan troops being trained for special operations, hold exercises in rear areas - Times of India
    NEW DELHI: In an apparent attempt to copy India, the Chinese military is training its Tibetan troops for special operations in high-altitude areas.
    The Chinese military conducted an exercise for its Tibetan troops, who joined their service after a series of “faith tests”, including learning mainland Chinese and their practices, sources told ANI.
    The Chinese, according to sources, are apparently trying to create a force like the Indian Special Border Force, which has many Tibetans specializing in mountain warfare.
    Together with other units of the Indian Army, they carried out rapid operations to give the country an advantage over the Chinese, recording the heights along the south bank of the Pangong Tso in August last year.
    “The Tibetan troops of the Chinese army are being trained for special operations and have recently conducted exercises in their rear areas,” the sources said.
    The Chinese tried to assimilate the Tibetans into their forces, but the majority of the population in the Tibet Autonomous Region has anti-Chinese sentiment due to its oppressive policies and is a follower of the Dalai Lama.
    India and China have been in a military stalemate since April-May last year and have yet to find solutions to escalating tensions at friction points, including Hot Springs-Gogra.
    The Indian and Chinese sides have been talking to each other since last year and have held several rounds of talks at both the military and diplomatic levels, but to no avail except for the limited reciprocal withdrawal of men from both sides on both its northern and southern shores. Pangong Tso.
    Indian services and forces receive information that the Chinese are trying to recruit young Tibetans from all over the vast autonomous region of Tibet.


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