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    China targeting Uyghur families to silence activists abroad, says Rights group - Times of India
    MUNICH: A pro-Uyghur group has strongly condemned the Chinese government’s practice of targeting the Uyghur “family space” in order to silence Uyghurs abroad.
    According to the World Congress of Uighurs (WUC), Chinese authorities have intensified their targeting of Uighurs abroad, threatening to detain or imprison their family members in East Turkistan if they do not stop talking.
    “Separating Uighur families is a skill that the Chinese Communist Party has mastered in recent years, adding to the grief and guilt of the repression we are already suffering,” said WUC President Dolkun Isa. “By holding Uighur parents, siblings and children or forcing them to report their relatives abroad, the Chinese government is exploiting innocent people to persecute Uighurs abroad, trying to prevent them from talking about the Uighur genocide.”
    In recent months, the Xinjiang Overseas Friendship Association in Central Asia and Russia has facilitated a virtual gathering of Uighur students living in Central Asian countries and their relatives in East Turkestan.
    The WUC said some students in those countries who declined the Association’s invitation, whose relatives were arrested by Chinese authorities.
    “It is not uncommon for Uighurs in the diaspora to contact the Chinese authorities and be encouraged to return to China. Especially in Central Asian countries, Chinese consulates are actively trying to persuade Uyghurs to return under the promise that Chinese authorities will facilitate reunification with family members, “the group added.
    However, according to the WUC, such requests are forced, as they are usually accompanied by threats that family members in East Turkestan will be detained in the event of a refusal to return to China.
    The Uighurs in exile who are honest about the “Uyghur genocide” are being targeted with extreme ferocity by the Chinese government. Amid the threat of detaining family members and loved ones, the Chinese government has increased the use of hostage diplomacy in recent months.
    Despite the overwhelming evidence, Being continues to deny allegations of large-scale human rights abuses in the country’s Xinjiang province.


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