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    China reports more Covid-19 cases while some cities kick off new tests - Times of India
    Beijing: China reported more Covid-19 cases as it entered the third week of the current epidemic on Monday, with some cities adding rounds of mass testing to try to eradicate locally transmitted infections.
    The highly contagious Delta variant has been detected in more than a dozen cities since July 20, and officials have urged local governments to monitor infections closely and close gaps in control efforts.
    “Relaxation of the mind must be consistently overcome,” the National Health Committee (NHC) said in a statement Sunday calling for an end to the epidemic.
    Analysts see the Delta variant as the biggest test of China’s zero-Covid strategy since last year’s initial upsurge, but expect authorities to cancel it before it spirals out of control, albeit at some financial cost.
    The 125 new confirmed infections on Sunday in the mainland included 94 locally transmitted cases, up from 96 the previous day, with 81 locally transmitted, while the rest were imported from abroad, the NHC announced on Monday.
    Most of the local patients on Sunday were in the central city of Zhengzhou and the eastern city of Yangzhou, government figures showed.
    Yangzhou has begun the fifth round of mass testing, city officials said Monday as Zhengzhou is expected to complete the collection of samples for the third round of testing across the city.
    The eastern city of Nanjing, which was hit hard by the outbreak in late July, although it did not report more than five local cases since Aug. 2, also launched a third round of targeted tests in some areas, after three rounds across the city. .
    The number of new asymptomatic infections was 39, from 30 the previous day. China does not classify them as confirmed cases.
    China’s death toll has risen to 93,826 since the epidemic began, with deaths at 4,636.


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