China blasts dam to divert floods that killed at least 12 – News Vibe24

    China blasts dam to divert floods that killed at least 12 - Times of India
    BEIJING: The Chinese military has dropped a barrier to release floods threatening one of its most densely populated provinces.
    The operation took place late Tuesday night in Luoyang City after at least 12 people died in severe flooding in Hengzhou Province in Henan Province, where residents were trapped in the subway system and trapped in schools, apartments and offices.
    Transportation and business life have been disrupted across the province, with torrents of rain turning roads into fast-flowing rivers, washing cars and climbing into people’s homes.
    More than 100,000 people have been evacuated to safety. Henan Province is home to many cultural sites and is an important base for industry and agriculture.
    State media on Wednesday showed water at waist height, with rain still falling.
    North of Zhengzhou, the famous Shaolin Temple, known for the rule of its Buddhist monks, was also severely hit.
    China faces regular floods during the summer, but the development of cities and the conversion of agricultural land into subdivisions has increased the impact of these events.


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