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    CDC: Delta variant expected to be dominant in US - Times of India
    WASHINGTON: Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Rosell Walski says he expects the delta variant to become the dominant coronavirus strain in the United States. The delta variant, first identified in India, has dominated Britain.
    “As worrying as this delta strain is about its permeability, our vaccines work,” Walensky told ABC’s Good Morning America on Friday. He encouraged Americans to get vaccinated and “you will be protected from this delta variant.”
    Walensky says next week an advisory committee will look at reports of heart inflammation among about 300 people under the age of 30 who received the coronavirus vaccine.
    “More than 200 million doses of the vaccine have been given and indeed, these events are really quite rare,” Walensky said, adding that heart problems generally improve with other and standard medications.