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    California draws 15 winners of $50,000 vaccine prizes - Times of India
    SACRAMENTO: California Governor Gavin Newsom played the gameshow on Friday in a raffle for 15 winners of a $ 50,000 coronavirus vaccination prize.
    If you’re at the fence, if you’re a little hesitant or just did not want to in the past, but suddenly you think, ‘Wait a minute, I could really use $ 50,000’, we do everything to encourage that and make you think again and again. “Hopefully you can do it again,” Newsom said at the California Lottery headquarters, where it was framed by a machine used to randomly select winners and a Fortune wheel color wheel to display.
    It was the first in a series of $ 16.5 million cash projects to encourage California to download before June 15, when the state plans to lift almost all virus-related restrictions. To date, 67% of eligible individuals 12 years of age and older have received at least one dose of the vaccine. The state’s goal is to fully vaccinate at least 75% of the people.
    Newsom announced the cash prize last week, warning that state vaccination rates were about to fall off a cliff without intervention. Government officials said vaccine rates had dropped by 18% that week.
    In the week since Californians became eligible to make money, vaccinations fell by 4% from the previous week, Newsom spokeswoman Erin Mellon said. One million vaccinations were given last week, he said.
    Next week, another 15 people will win $ 50,000, and on June 15, there will be 10 grand prize winners receiving $ 1.5 million each – the largest vaccine prize in the country.
    The winners will remain anonymous unless they give permission to the state to share their names and have 96 hours to claim their prizes before the state pulls out alternative winners. The state will communicate with the winners.
    In addition, the state has begun providing $ 50 gift cards to recipients. More than 340,000 cards have been issued so far and the state plans to distribute 2 million, worth a total of $ 100 million.
    Although vaccinations have slowed, California is one of the top states and has already surpassed Democratic President Joe Biden’s goal of ensuring that at least 70% of eligible adults have a plan by July 4th.
    Newsom has acknowledged that with California virus cases at record lows and restart, it will be difficult to convince unvaccinated people to finally get their shots.
    “Going from 70% of adults to 75% and beyond is stubborn, it’s hard work,” he said.
    State Senator Richard Pan, a pediatrician and vaccine advocate, and Claudio Alvarado, an emergency pediatric nurse at UC Davis Medical Center, helped Newsom pull out the first $ 50,000 winners. One machine spun numbered balls and tossed the winning entries separately. The only information about the winners was in which county they lived.
    Numerous counties represented the most winners – three from Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Clara and two from San Francisco. Alameda, Orange, Mendocino and San Luis Obispo counties had one.
    More than 21 million people are eligible to win $ 50,000 in prizes. The status assigned random numbers to each person and then reduced the list to 200 numbers. The first 50 were placed on the plan and the remaining 150 will be used to select next week’s winners or to replace any winner from Friday who is not vying for the prize.
    Anyone who has received at least one dose of the vaccine is eligible for the awards, with a few exceptions, including those incarcerated and those working for the governor.


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