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    Blaze ravages Evia island on sixth day of Greek wildfires - Times of India
    PSAROPOULI, GREECE: Thousands of people fled their homes on the Greek island of Evia, as fires burned uncontrollably for a sixth day on Sunday, and car ferries were on standby for more evacuations after many were evacuated by sea.
    The fires that had threatened the northern suburbs of Athens in recent days died back. However, the fire in Evia, a large island east of the capital, quickly spread to many fronts, penetrating thousands of hectares of virgin forest in its northern part and forcing the evacuation of dozens of villages.
    “I feel angry. I lost my house, nothing will be the same the next day,” said a resident who gave her name as Vasilikia after boarding a rescue boat in the village of Araropouli.
    “It is a disaster. It is huge. Our villages have been destroyed, nothing is left of our houses, our properties, nothing, nothing,” he said.
    Fires have broken out in many parts of the country during a week of heatwave, the worst in Greece in three decades, with temperatures and hot winds creating box conditions. Across the country, forest land has burned and dozens of homes and businesses have been destroyed.
    “Fiery disaster,” the newspaper To Vima said on its front page on Sunday.
    The Coast Guard has evacuated more than 2,000 people, including many elderly residents, from different parts of the island since Tuesday in dramatic sea rescues as the night sky turned apocalyptic red.
    Others left their villages on foot all night, walking along streets strewn with trees in flames.
    “A house is burning here,” said a woman to the emergency crews on the ground in the Vasilika settlement, pointing to an intense fire in the background.
    “Everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, everywhere,” replied one of the firefighters.
    The governor for central Greece, Fanis Spanos, said the situation in the northern part of the island had been “very difficult” for almost a week.
    “The fronts are huge, the extent of the scorched earth is huge,” he told Skai TV. More than 2,500 people have been accommodated in hotels and other shelters, he said.
    Greece has deployed troops to help fight the fires, and several countries, including France, Egypt, Switzerland and Spain, have also sent aid, including firefighting aircraft.
    More than 570 firefighters are battling the fire in Evia, authorities said.
    A fire at the foot of Mount Parnitha north of Athens has been contained, but the weather meant there was still a great threat that it could catch fire again.
    On Friday night, strong winds pushed the fire in the city of Thrakomakedones, where the residents were ordered to evacuate. The fire left burnt and blackened houses and cars among burnt pines.


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