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    Blast near Afghanistan Defence Minister's residence in Kabul - Times of India
    Kabul: An explosion took place near the residence of the acting Minister of Defense of Afghanistan Bismillah Mohammad in Kabul on Tuesday night, local media reported, citing security sources.
    The bomber struck shortly after noon in central Kabul at around 8pm local time. Smoke appeared to be coming from the scene of the explosion a few minutes after the event, TOLO News reported.
    “The explosion overnight is due to a car bomb attack near the residence of caretaker Defense Minister Bismillah Mohammadi,” Afghan media reported in a tweet.
    This came amid intense clashes between Afghan and Taliban forces in several Afghan cities. Agan’s forces fought the Taliban in Laskarga as fighting intensified in the city in southern Helmand province and the front line was in Area 1 where the U.S. airstrike on Monday morning.
    In recent weeks, the Taliban have occupied several areas in Afghanistan, including Tahar, the country’s northeastern province.
    Nationwide, the Taliban control 223 districts, with 116 disputed and the government holding 68, according to the Long War Journal, whose calculations are in line with CNN estimates. He says 17 of the province’s 34 capitals are under direct threat from the Taliban.


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