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    Biden to announce new eviction ban due to Covid spread - Times of India
    Washington: The Biden administration will announce a new 60-day eviction moratorium that will protect areas where 90% of the U.S. population lives, according to three people familiar with the plans who insisted on anonymity to discuss the forthcoming announcement.
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified a legal principle for a new and different moratorium that would be for areas with a high and significant increase in Covid-19 infections.
    The extension helps heal a rift with Liberal Democrat lawmakers calling for executive action to keep tenants in their homes as the coronavirus delta variant spread and a previous moratorium ended in late July. Administration officials have previously said that a Supreme Court ruling prevented them from creating a new moratorium without congressional support, saying states and cities should be more aggressive in releasing nearly $ 47 billion in rent-seeking on its doorstep.
    The new policy came amid a turmoil in the Biden group to reassure Democrats and the country that it could find a way to stop possible evictions.
    Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen briefed House Democrats on the government’s efforts to prevent widespread eviction after the moratorium was lifted, but lawmakers protesting outside the US Capitol said more needed to be done, putting pressure on the president. Joe Biden to act.
    Glenn told Democrats in a private call about the work in progress to ensure that about $ 47 billion in federal housing approvals approved during the Covid-19 crisis would reach tenants and landlords. Provide data so lawmakers can see how their regions and states are doing with the distribution of aid, according to one person on call.
    The White House said state and local governments were slow to withdraw federal money and were pushing to do so quickly after the eviction moratorium expired at the weekend.
    The Treasury Secretary tried to encourage Democrats to work together, though lawmakers said Biden would have to act alone to extend the eviction moratorium, according to someone in a private call who insisted on anonymity to discuss its contents.
    According to this person, Glenn said that she agrees “we must complete every resource” and that she appreciates the efforts of the Democrats and wants “not to leave any stone”.
    But progressive lawmakers, who have been camped out of the Capitol for days with dozens of supporters, are trying to pressure the administration to reinstate the moratorium.
    “What we need is for the White House to really do, to do the thing – and it really needs to extend the moratorium,” said Alexandria Okasio-Cortez, a spokeswoman for the Capitol.


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