BGMEA urges India to expedite trade through Bangaon-Benapole route

    Local garment manufacturers today urged the Indian authorities to take steps to remove barriers to trade through Bangaon-Benapole ports in order to achieve faster delivery of imported raw materials for the manufacture of garments for export markets.

    The shortage of manpower for the export of goods to India’s customs, particularly in Bangkok, is causing long delays in trade via the route, they said in a statement to the Indian High Commission in Dhaka.

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    “You know that the clothing sector in Bangladesh is facing challenges to meet the time limit set by foreign buyers for the export of clothing in the midst of a pandemic and exclusion.”

    Transit time between Bangladesh and India is very critical, as the former brings a significant volume of raw materials from the latter, according to the Bangladeshi Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA).

    Local entrepreneurs are working hard to solve the problem with the help of the government and all the actors involved in the operation of the supply chain, the exporters said.

    A huge number of trucks loaded with import and export goods are now stuck in Indian ports due to long delivery times in ports, according to Benapole clearing and shipping agents.

    “We are confident that you can use your good office to solve this problem at the Indian Custom point to accelerate the smooth flow of goods from India and thus further facilitate the development of bilateral trade,” the BGMEA said.

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