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    Beijing bans people travelling from high risk Covid-19 Chinese provinces - Times of India
    BEIJING: The Chinese capital has stepped up measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus outbreaks by effectively banning people from traveling to Beijing from provinces with high rates of Covid-19 transmission.
    To further strengthen the shield against the Covid-19 pandemic, Beijing has developed a series of measures to strengthen the management of personnel returning from areas with relatively high virus transmission rates, including restrictions on the purchase of rail tickets and air services. – reported the Global Times.
    People from medium or high risk areas who plan to return to Beijing but have a travel history associated with these areas will not be able to purchase air and rail tickets. In addition, if they choose to drive to the Chinese capital, they will also be persuaded to make a turn and leave, the newspaper reported.
    Several Chinese cities, including Wuhan where the coronavirus first appeared in December 2019, have reported a resurgence of Covid-19 cases, which are said to be the Delta variant.
    The Global Times report states that health codes for people still in moderate to high-risk areas will be adjusted to yellow, and anyone with a non-green health code will not be allowed to board planes or trains bound for Beijing.
    Presenting a green health code will be essential.
    Only when medium and high risk areas are downgraded to low risk or when travelers do not have a travel history in designated hazard areas within 14 days can their yellow codes return to normal green.
    After obtaining a green health code, passengers must also show a negative nucleic acid test result within 48 hours of boarding the transport to return to Beijing.
    Travelers must report their place of work or residence prior to their trip, undergo a 14-day health monitoring period and undergo a nucleic acid test on the day of arrival and another on the seventh day in Beijing. the newspaper reported.
    Also as part of efforts to protect the capital from the virus, Beijing-based Daxing International Airport announced that it would suspend flights from 15 cities, including outbreaks such as Nanjing, Yangzhou and Zhangjiajie, Wen Wu said. airport manager. daily on Saturday.
    The Chinese mainland on Saturday reported about 150 positive and asymptomatic cases from various provinces, including Jiangsu, Henan, Yunnan, Hubei and Hunan, according to the country’s National Health Commission.
    Beijing, home to the country’s top leadership, also recorded some cases in July last week, although there have been no reports of new cases in recent days.
    The state-run Xinhua News Agency reported that the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau had urged all sports and fitness facilities to take stricter measures to prevent and control the epidemic as the highly contagious variant of the Covid-19 Delta spreads.
    A statement from the Bureau of Statistics said that the number of people in Beijing’s sports facilities is increasing with large and frequent staff exchanges, leading to serious challenges in preventing and controlling the epidemic, especially in areas such as swimming pools, indoor gyms and sports facilities. facilities.
    China has reported a total of 93,701 infections since the Covid-19 outbreak in late 2019


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