Australia to get 1st Moderna doses next month – News Vibe24

    Australia to get 1st Moderna doses next month - Times of India
    CANBERRA: The Australian government says Moderna will make the third Covid-19 vaccine available in Australia next month. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Australian vaccine regulator approved the Moderna for adults on Monday.
    The first million doses will arrive in Australia in late September and 10 million Moderna plans are scheduled to be delivered to Australia this year, Health Minister Greg Hunt said.
    Australia is short of Pfizer vaccine and over-the-counter AstraZeneca, which many refuse to take because of the low risk of blood clots. The states of New South Wales and Victoria, where cities are under blockade due to outbreaks of the virus, have stocks of more than one million unwanted doses of AstraZeneca, media reported.
    Only 22% of adults out of a population of 26 million people in Australia were fully vaccinated on Monday. The government expects to provide a vaccine to every Australian adult who wants one by the end of the year.


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