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    At least 65 killed in Algerian wildfires - Times of India
    ALGIANS: Fires in forested areas of northern Algeria have killed at least 65 people, state television reported on Wednesday as some of the deadliest flames in the country’s history continued to rage.
    The government has deployed the army to help fight the fires, which have burned most intensely in the mountainous region of Kavilia, with 28 of the dead being soldiers, while another 12 were seriously injured by burns.
    President Abdelmadjid Tebboune declared three days of national mourning for the dead and froze government activities not related to the fires.
    Forest fires have engulfed large parts of Algeria, Turkey and Greece in the past week, and a European Union weather watchdog has said the Mediterranean has been turned into a wildfire with the help of warmer weather.
    Dozens of separate wildfires have broken out in forest areas across northern Algeria since Monday and Tuesday, when Interior Minister Kamel Beljoud accused arsonists of lighting the flames without providing any evidence.
    The worst-hit area was Tizi Ouzou, the largest district of Kavilia, where houses were burned and residents fled to hotels, hostels and universities in nearby towns.
    The government has said it will compensate those affected.


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