Ashraf Ghani: Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani meets Atta Mohammad Noor, Abdul Rashid Dostum in Mazar | World News – News Vibe24

    Ashraf Ghani: Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani meets Atta Mohammad Noor, Abdul Rashid Dostum in Mazar | World News - Times of India
    ISLAMABAD: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani flew to Mazar-e-Sharif on Wednesday morning to rally his forces and discuss with warlords, other private militia commanders, senior security officials and politicians on how to stop an insurgency. Taliban who saw nine provincial capitals. fall into the hands of the guerrillas in less than a week.
    Frequent security meetings were held at the Kabul presidential palace over the past two days, after which it was agreed to set up a joint command center for the “insurgent forces” to better manage, equip and strengthen the fight against the Taliban. This idea first appeared on Abdullah Abdullah last week.
    In Mazar-e-Sharif, Ghani, his aides and senior security officials met with former Balkh governor Atta Mohammad Nour and warlord Abdul Rashid Dostom to discuss the city’s defense. The loss of Mazar will represent the complete collapse of government control in the north, a stronghold of the militia against the Taliban.
    Upon his arrival in Mazar, Dostom issued a warning to those approaching the Taliban, AFP reported. “The Taliban have never learned from the past,” he told reporters, vowing to kill the insurgents. “The Taliban have come to the north several times but they have always been trapped. It is not easy for them to get out.”
    The Taliban have so far occupied the provincial capitals of Faizabad, Farah, Pul-Khumri, Shar-Pul, Sebergan, Aibak, Kuduz, Talukan and Zaranj.
    All the leaders Ghani has met over the past three days have had significant influence for decades in parts of the war-torn country. Among the prominent leaders who attended the meetings in Kabul was Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the Afghan Supreme National Reconciliation Council. Abdul Rab Rasul Sayyaf, Mohammad Yunus Qanooni, warlord Abdul Rashid Dostum, former vice president Mohammad Karim Khalili, second vice president Mohammad Sarwar Danesh, adviser and leader of the People’s Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan Mohammad Mohaqiq and a senior member of Hizb-e-Wah Sadiq Mudabir.
    “The country’s political leaders have unanimously agreed to mobilize, reinforce and rapidly equip the government-led insurgency forces to fight the Taliban,” a spokesman for President Latif Mahmoud was quoted as saying by Afghan media.
    During the meetings, the leaders stressed that the Herat model will be followed in other parts of the country. In Herat, fighters had entered the city but were driven out by militias backed by Afghan forces under the command of 75-year-old Ismail Khan.
    Sources said that a decision was also made to appoint key political leaders to the command center. Political leaders, according to confidential sources, will focus on mobilizing people in various areas to fight the militants. “The politicians involved will determine how many forces they can mobilize and in what areas they will fight the Taliban,” Afghan government sources said, adding that political leaders had suggested that Ghani hand over much of the military responsibility to Dostom E.
    The meeting, said an Afghan official, discussed co-ordination between the defense and security forces, the mobilization of insurgent forces and the launch of clearing operations in cities that had fallen to the Taliban since Friday.
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