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    Anger as top US Republican jokes about hitting Nancy Pelosi - Times of India
    Washington: The leading Republican in the US House of Representatives received calls to apologize or to resign on Sunday, after joking that he hit the speaker Nancy Pelosi in the head with a hammer.
    When the last round in an unpleasant clash between Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy and Pelosi, the leading Democratic MP.
    Last week, Pelosi called her Republican counterpart a “fool” because she opposes the Covid-19 pandemic mask mandate as the Delta variant causes an increase in cases in America.
    At a fundraising dinner Saturday night in Tennessee, McCarthy spoke optimistically about his party’s prospect of taking over the House in next year’s midterm elections.
    And he kept joking that – if he became a speaker – he would have a hard time resisting hitting Pelosi with the hammer that comes with the job.
    “It will be difficult not to hit her, but I will hit her,” McCarthy was quoted as saying by the Washington Post.
    Democrats turned to McCarthy on Sunday.
    “Don’t you think America had enough political violence?” California spokesman Ted Lieu wrote on Twitter.
    “You have to apologize for your statement or resign,” Liu wrote.
    California co-chair Eric Swalwell said McCarthy “should resign,” writing on Twitter: “America has suffered a lot of violence over politics.”
    Michigan spokeswoman Debbie Dingel urged McCarthy to apologize immediately.
    “Such language has led to violence and death in the United States Capitol. @GOPLeader knows his words carry weight,” Dingell said.
    He appears to have referred to the fiery language of then-President Donald Trump in a speech on January 6 to a crowd that crossed the US Capitol as Congress certified Joe Biden’s election victory.
    Pelosi was the main target of the mob as it ran to the Capitol, in an uprising that left five people dead.


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