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    NEW YORK: Months of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s long fall reached a nadir on Tuesday when investigators said they documented sexual harassment allegations against him by 11 women, many of whom worked for him.
    Cuomo, once widely known for his televised response to the coronavirus pandemic, continues to deny the allegations and says he is not going anywhere, but his political future may soon be in his hands.
    The following are the conclusions from the report and Cuomo’s response, along with what will happen next:
    What did he accuse of doing to Cumo?
    Many women accused Cuomo of sexual harassment and assault. The public outcry, which began in December and collapsed in the winter, ranged from inappropriate comments to forced kissing and hitting.
    Did the Attorney General’s investigation find Cumo Guilty?
    Well no. An investigation can not find a culprit, which must be decided by the judge and the jury. In addition, the investigation was of a civil rather than criminal nature. But the researchers found that the 11 women were telling the truth about Cuomo’s behavior and that Cuomo had created a hostile work environment “full of fear and intimidation”.
    But will Cumo be charged?
    Attorney General Letitia James, who oversaw the investigation, said there would be no criminal referrals, but local police and prosecutors could use the evidence and findings to establish their own cases. The prosecutor in the New York capital, Albany, said on Tuesday that he was asking for James’ interrogation materials and encouraged the victims to come.
    Cumo told the public to wait for him to be judged until the investigation is completed. What does he say now?
    Cuomo is more provocative than ever, disputing the allegations in a recorded response, saying “the facts are very different from what is being portrayed” and that “he never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual acts”. fueled by “politics and prejudice”.
    How does Cumo explain his behavior?
    Cuomo apologized for making employees uncomfortable, but pointed out some of the allegations of misunderstandings caused by racial and cultural differences (he is Italian-American), while categorically denying the more serious allegations. Accompanied by several slideshows of Cuomo and other politicians embracing members of the public, the governor said the gesture was inherited from his parents and intended to convey warmth.
    Is anyone pressuring Cumo to resign?
    Many people. President Joe Biden, Cuomo’s close ally, said Tuesday that while he had not read the report, he believed Cuomo should resign. Both U.S. senators for New York, Chuck Sumer and Kirsten Gilibrand, say he must resign. So did U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the governors of neighboring New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut, and many other Democrats.
    Okay, what will happen if Cumo does not resign?
    The state assembly has the power to press charges against Cuomo and intends to complete its own investigation “as soon as possible,” according to President Carl Heastie, a Democrat who said it was clear Cuomo could not remain. now in power. The Assembly could theoretically vote to initiate referral proceedings before the inquiry is completed.
    Why can’t New Yorkers recall Cumo?
    It is not California. New York has no mechanism to remove elected officials through recall.
    Fine. How does reproach work in New York?
    New York referrals begin in the Assembly, and if a majority of members vote in favor of Cuomo’s referral, the matter is referred to the Impeachment Court. In that case, the tribunal would consist of the state Senate – minus the head of the majority and the seven judges of the state supreme court. Two-thirds of the court will have to vote to convict Cuomo away.
    Has a governor ever been charged in New York?
    Once, in 1913. Governor William Sulger was ousted after less than a year in power. He claimed his rebuke was retaliation for turning his back on the powerful Tammany Hall Democratic machine.
    If Cumo leaves office, who will become governor?
    Kathy Hochul, the 62-year-old lieutenant governor. The Democrat from western New York once served in Congress, but has a limited public profile in the state.
    Does Cumo have another problem?
    James is also investigating whether Cuomo broke the law as his staff helped write and promote his pandemic leadership book, “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic,” for which he was set to earn more. by $ 5 Federal investigators are also investigating state data management related to nursing home deaths.
    If not outsed, will voters have a say?
    So far, all signs point to a fourth term in 2022 and he has started raising money. Some polls earlier this year showed that public support for Cuomo had fallen, but not dramatically. No other Democrat has formally issued a primary challenge. On the Republican side, potential opponents include US envoy Lee Zeldin and Andrew Giuliani, Rudy’s son.
    Was this research political?
    James denied any political motive for the Quo-approved investigation, and did not say publicly if he was interested in running for governor. While her office was overseeing the investigation, it was conducted by two outside lawyers, Anne Clark and Joon Kim, who spoke to 179 people, including Cuomo himself.
    Did the investigation reveal accusations we did not already know?
    Yes, according to the report, a state soldier on Cuomo security details said Cuomo ran his hand or fingers over her stomach and back, kissed her on the cheek, asked for her help to find a girlfriend and asked because he was not wearing a dress. The report also included a claim by a woman working for an energy company, who said Cuomo touched her breast at an event and ran his hand between her shoulder and chest.
    How did Cumo react to a former employee?
    The former employee is Lindsey Boylan, Cuomo’s first public prosecutor. Investigators say Cuomo’s team sent the files to Boylan’s reporters within hours of Boylan’s December tweet alleging sexual harassment. They also said that the governor’s circle issued a letter that “attacked” Boylan’s alleged work behavior and that he believed it was funded by far-right Republicans.
    What were the responses of Cumo’s accusers to the report?
    Charlotte Bennett, a former aide to whom Cuomo personally apologized in a recorded response to the findings, described the apology as “meaningless” and said that if the governor was really sorry, he would leave. A lawyer for two defendants called Cuomo’s response “ridiculous” and “manipulative.” Boylan’s lawyer expressed his gratitude to investigators.
    Will Cumo talk about it on his brother’s show?
    Probably not. The governor’s brother, Chris Cuomo, is a CNN presenter. The twin sons of the late Governor Mario Cuomo made headlines in the early days of the pandemic over their quarrel over the performance of the younger Cuomo, but Chris Cuomo has since been banned from covering for his brother. Tuesday’s report also mentions how Chris Cuomo advised his older brother.


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