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    America plans to spend billions of dollars to counter China - Times of India
    Washington: The US is planning a huge spending plan to deal with China. According to the Senate, China is America’s biggest geopolitical and geoeconomic challenge and passed the US Innovation and Competition Act 2021 to spend more than $ 250 billion to ensure the U.S. stays on top in technology research. and production.
    The bill is a rare point of agreement between Republicans and Democrats. In a vote, 68 of the 100-member senate supported the measure, with 32 against. The Senate is evenly distributed between Republicans and Democrats, and experts say the vote shows how the two political parties are united on the need to address Beijing’s economic and military ambitions. Proponents say the package is one of the largest industrial accounts in U.S. history and the largest investment in scientific research the country has seen in decades.
    The bill was intended to boost US competitiveness with China through a variety of measures. The basic idea is from section 3005, which reads as follows: “The United States must ensure that all federal divisions and services are organized to reflect the fact that strategic competition with the PRC is the greatest geopolitical and geoeconomic challenge the United States. ”
    To meet this challenge, the senator budgeted $ 190 billion to massively increase R&D at universities and other institutions and promote innovation in artificial intelligence, drones and other emerging technologies. To create an American version of China’s “Special Economic Zones”, $ 10 billion will be invested in “regional technology hubs.” $ 52 billion has been allocated to expand domestic semiconductor production. More than $ 23 billion has also been allocated to space exploration and the development of space industries.
    The bill includes several specific provisions for China, including a ban on the adoption of “Tik Tok” social media by government devices. The purchase of aircraft manufactured and sold by Chinese state-owned enterprises will also be barred by law. Chinese organizations involved in cyber-attacks in the US or theft of US copyright from US companies will also face sanctions.
    The bill also calls for sanctions for human rights abuses in Xinjiang province and abuses against Uighurs are often cited along with a diplomatic boycott of the upcoming 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.
    The bill also commissioned a new study on the origin of Covid-19, which specifically requires an answer to the question of whether the virus came from a laboratory leak or was zoonotic.
    China returned to the bill, describing it as “exceeding the Chinese threat” and scolding America for perceiving China “as an imaginary enemy.” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin suggested the bill could hurt those efforts, saying “it was full of cold war and zero-sum thinking and runs counter to the two countries’ public ambition to boost trade and cooperation”.
    “The China-related content of the bill passed by the US Senate distorts the facts and slanders China’s development and its domestic and foreign policies,” he said. “It goes beyond the ‘Chinese threat’, supports traditional competition with China and interferes in China ‘s internal affairs with Taiwan.”
    Separately, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin also issued an internal directive, calling for several initiatives to address China’s time to monitor how it works.


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